Prabhat Tara Children English Academy
Senior Secondary

V.I.P, New Court Road, Hijuguri, Tinsukia

From Secretary's Desk


As Chairman of “PRABHAT TARA ENGLISH ACADEMY SENIOR SECONDARY” COURT ROAD, HIJUGURI, TINSUKIA, ASSAM. A temple of Education’ I owe certain obligatory responsibilities to my Students, Parent’s & Teachers and the School as a whole, with my varied educational experiences I wish to express my views on Education. In my opinion Education can never be given if students are not inspired through different methods in their areas of abilities and excellence. Artificial code of conduct of students can never lead them to the pillar of success. Hence I prefer that students must be specialized in the area of faculty of interest in tune with the requirement of their real life.

The interest could neither be imposed nor dictated. It could only be motivated by observing over all activities of a child. So avoid imposing our will upon them. In fact children are both with their innate qualities. We should try to develop those qualities in them for their guided development. I am privileged that I have an opportunity of observing all aspects of child psychology on basis of my long observation and experience. I can say with confidence that relation between a teacher and his/her taught, is not only commercial but is joined with the thread of love and affection.

Education should not be limited to reading and writing, It must the understand and Teachers should be able to inspired to the children and create in them a desire to stable of successive life.

In conclusion, I am of view that only education can bring the fundamental change in the character of a student, I extend my personal gratitude to whom it may concern for helping me a teacher and educationist for the cause of quality education I stand for in my life.

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