Prabhat Tara Children English Academy
Senior Secondary

V.I.P, New Court Road, Hijuguri, Tinsukia

Education aims at learning a skill to lead life and forming oneís personality rather than transferring information and acquiring knowledge. Itís an ennobling process of growth. We have unique and creative ways of teaching and learning. At the same time, we always try to look into our deficiencies and transform them into opportunities. We are bound to prepare our students mentally and physically to face the new global challenges and opportunities. Also we kindle in the young minds the courage to be good human beings and inculcate values; and the fascination to tune their senses to explore the nature and their surroundings.

Our Vision :-

To create a School where learning is defined by the Childís inherent desire to learn, inspired by a philosophy of Love, Joy, and Faith in the child as a learner, and guided by educational research and knowledge development.

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